Kami menyediakan sistem komunikasi canggih yang memastikan konektivitas. Layanan telekomunikasi khusus dan jangkauan telepon satelit kami memastikan kemudahan penggunaan dalam komunikasi suara dan data saat bernavigasi di lautan.


We know how important it is to ensure uninterrupted marine satellite internet and data connectivity onboard. Therefore, we offer reliable satellite terminals which ensure seamless voice and data IP communications, allowing users to easily access weather data, navigation charts, position reports, GPS, or other communication mediums like emailing, chatting, skype and browsing etc.. Maritime companies are able to stay in touch with their headquarters and other remote offices.

Our focus at Cygnus Telecom is to offer maritime satellite telecom solutions which provide you with cutting technologies that help materialize costs while ensuring all your voice and data communications exceed functionality expectations.


The crew on-board remains in high seas for extended periods of time. Captain of the ship needs to ensure that their morale is boosted and they do not feel alienated. Modern technology allows easy connectivity with the outside world.

However, the costs of communication also need to be economized to give priority to data traffic. Here is what shipping companies can expect to accomplish by relying on Our maritime solutions.

  • Effective management of access to voice and data in order to keep a tab on use of data consumption.
  • Economizing use of bandwidth for mission critical applications to ensure safety.
  • Control access to use of bandwidth for social media networks.


At Cygnus Telecom we keep on introducing new and more effective maritime solutions while remaining abreast of the changing customers’ needs. Our extensive product offerings delivers latest in voice and data.


The satellite telecom services for maritime industry offered by Cygnus are not limited to the large shipping corporations. We ensure that small businesses operating fishing vessels and leisure seeking yacht operators are equally benefited. In order to take care of their maritime communication needs, we provide them with satellite phones and satellite internet services. Safety is at the heart of all our solutions ensuring automatic relaying of location data while enabling users to place emergency calls in case of facing an emergency situation.

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Thuraya Orion IP

Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime-specific broadband terminal manufactured by Hughes Network Systems which supports broadband data communications at speeds up to 444kbps. Small, lightweight and easy to install, Thuraya Orion IP is suitable for both business and crew communications. The terminal has been designed for users who want to take advantage of a simple IP connection to leverage the value-added hardware and software solutions. Learn more about Thuraya Orion IP.

Thuraya Atlas IP

The upcoming Thuraya Atlas IP is what all crew members onboard require for the connectivity. It provides voice and data connectivity both with the easy change over facility. With this terminal you don’t need to have a voice and data terminals separately. Learn more about Thuraya Atlas IP.


Thuraya has enhanced its reputation for high quality satellite communications by designing a circuit switched voice terminal that brings maritime communications within the reach of all that operate at sea. Thuraya SeaStar offers unrivaled functionality and unprecedented levels of value.

Thuraya’s new terminal meets the evolving needs of the modern fishing market, introducing the power of modern satellite communications capability to small scale operators. Thuraya SeaStar is ideal for smaller and regional owner operator fishing vessels, although its appeal also extends to other operators looking for support systems. Learn more about Thuraya SEASTAR.


The SF2500™ is a voice satellite terminal with a built-in GPS tracking system specially designed for reliable performance in the harsh maritime and land environment. This affordable, easy-to-install and user-friendly terminal enables users to make satellite voice calls to normal PSTN phones, mobile phones and other satellite phones through the Thuraya satellite network. Learn more about SF-2500.

Thuraya Marine

Thuraya Marine enables vessels to access range of communication applications including voice calls, SMS, and sending or receiving faxes. It is also capable of tracking the vessel and sending updated GPS coordinates with an emergency distress button. Learn more about Thuraya Marine.